The number one question we get when a customer is looking for carpet is “What is the difference between nylon and polyester carpet?” There are pros and cons to both fibers and it really comes down to budget, lifestyle, and personal needs.

Stain Resistance

Kids and pets are almost always a lifestyle factor when a customer is choosing carpet and stain resistance is a must.

Nylon is a very absorbent fiber. It will soak in liquids and spills much more than polyester, which is a hydrophobic fiber. Basically that means that the fiber will repel liquids. So in general, polyester comes out on top when it comes to stain resistance.

However, most nylon residential carpets today offer a stain protectant which means that the nylon fiber has been treated to be stain resistant. There are also some nylon carpets that are solution-dyed, so the color goes all the way through the fiber instead of just on the surface. The solution dyed carpets offer a much longer stain resistance life span than the surface treated.


How will my carpet stand up to heavy traffic? Will it last for years to come?

Nylon is a much more durable fiber than polyester. It is very resilient- it bounces back and holds its shape after it’s walked on. Polyester carpets will show signs of wear much quicker than nylon. This is where lifestyle and personal needs also comes into play.

If you are replacing carpet in your home and want something that will stand the test of time- nylon is the way to go. If you are carpeting a rental house and know that in just a few years’ time you will be replacing it- polyester is the best option.

It is also important when shopping for carpet to note that there are different qualities of polyester and nylon. A much heavier polyester vs. a very low grade of nylon would perform better.


Budget is always an important factor to determine which carpet to select.  Overall, nylon is higher in price because it is more expensive to produce. Again, this is another time you need to compare equivalent qualities. There are lower quality nylons which may be less than a higher quality polyester. So in general, if you are comparing similar grades of nylon and polyester carpets, nylons will be more expensive.

Nylon VS. Polyester?

As you can see, both fibers have pros and cons. Overall, if you want a carpet that will perform for years in heavy traffic and resist stain, solution dyed nylon is your best choice. If price is your concern, a polyester is a good option for you.