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How to construct a tablescape for the holidays

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Preparing to host family and friends this holiday season? One of the centerpieces of your home is the dining room table. The main gathering place in the home, the table brings your family together for the long-awaited Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. When decorating for the holidays, don’t miss out on extending your decor to this important gathering place. Here are our tips and tricks for constructing an eye catching tablescape for the holidays.


Build your base with linens


Linens include your tablecloths, table runners, and napkins. Since they cover more surface area than anything else, they set the foundation for the rest of the tablescape to build on. Important things to consider when choosing linens are color and texture. Color-wise, do you want your linens to make a statement? Choose a warm, fall color such as burnt orange or mahogany for Thanksgiving, or a rich red for Christmas. Patterns can also draw attention, but should be used sparingly. If you would rather your linens complement, but not overshadow your other elements, choose a neutral off-white color and subtle pattern. Texture can add interest and elegance, especially to neutral-colored linens as designer Randi Garrett demonstrates.  


The place setting: China, glassware, and silverware


When your guests sit down for a meal, make a point to greet them with a well-executed place setting. National company Stewart Event Rentals gives several tips for picking and arranging place settings. First, china should be chosen based on type of event, as well as already existing décor. How many plates will you need? Soup bowls or salad plates? Bordered and patterned china often suit linens that are not patterned, and vice versa.

The amount of glassware set on the table can vary based on your needs. Do you need only a water cup, saving space for other elements? Or, do you foresee the need for white wine glasses, red wine glasses, champagne flutes, and/ or coffee/tea cups? Glassware often differs in style based on subtle variations of shape and pattern, and is a great way to add height and aesthetic interest to the overall layout. Complement the glassware to the china and centerpieces.

Silverware primarily complements the chosen china and linens, which typically draw more attention. It’s also dependent on what is being served at the holiday party. Differences in silverware typically appear in the color, pattern on the handle, and material (sterling silver or stainless steel).

The show-stopping centerpiece

A major focal point to the tablescape, centerpieces can set the tone by integrating colors, textiles, flowers, and lighting reminiscent of the holidays. Fall centerpieces often include colorful leaves, rich wood textures, pumpkins and warm candle light. Christmas centerpieces showcase candles, baubles, crystals, and pine cones in an elegant display. If you want to add height to the tablescape, create tall floral or candle arrangements. Pair these tall centerpieces with long, low planters. Checkout some of our favorite inspirational tablescapes here.

Ready to start putting together your own tablescape? Our showroom at Pittsburg Interiors has many ideas to get you started, and decor to make your ideas come to life. Our designers also love designing centerpieces; get their input as well for the perfect tablescape for this upcoming holiday season.


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