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The Flexsteel Difference

At Pittsburg Interiors, we are constantly seeking the latest furniture trends that offer quality, comfort, and style. We have fallen in love with Flexsteel, and with our annual Flexsteel sale right around the corner, we want to share what makes them one of our favorite brands. Flexsteel stands out from other furniture brands, and here’s why.

Flexsteel started in 1893 and over the years, grew into what it is today with the help of the Blue Steel Spring, which is the namesake at the core of Flexsteel upholstered seating. Flexsteel furniture is committed to making high-quality furniture that will be long lasting and looks beautiful in your home.


Built to Last You For Years to Come

We don’t want to sell furniture to our customer that’s going to fall apart in a few years. That’s why we love the extra effort that Flexsteel puts into the making of their furniture. Flexsteel will bring you comfort for years and they guarantee its durability for a lifetime of use. Each design is tested for functionality, safety and durability according to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) guidelines.

Flexsteel uses a technology called The Blue Steel Spring in their furniture. It has been in use for over 75 years, with little change in its design. Unlike eight-way hand-tied springs, it never needs retying or replacing to keep you from getting sinking seats. The cushions are also made with extremely high standards – which means you avoid that saggy-seat issue that comes with time. Flexsteel furniture uses cushions with higher density foams that far outlast the standard 1.8 density foams used by most other manufacturers.


Your Inspiration, Flexsteel’s Creation

The design and construction of Flexsteel pieces go hand in hand to create comfortable, long-lasting furniture. Flexsteel offers hundreds of different upholstery, wood finish and leather options when you pick out a piece of furniture for your home. Customize your dream couch with exactly the right colors and patterns to fit your space. Stop into Pittsburg Interiors to see fabric swatches and choose the right one for you.

Your home is a true reflection of your personal style. Flexsteel builds furniture with care and precision as soon as you order it. No two designs are alike, so Flexsteel will always take a hands-on approach, working with respected, high-quality suppliers to offer a vast selection of styling options.

You can know that your next furniture purchase can be trusted when it comes to style, value and most importantly – quality. Come into the store to see our full selection of Flexsteel furniture, check out fabric swatches and pick out the piece that would go perfectly in your home. 


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