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Things to consider when choosing an entertainment center

A focal point of the living room, an entertainment center can be a highlight piece of furniture, especially when eyes are looking directly at the accompanying TV! There are many details to consider when choosing the right entertainment unit for your living space, which will influence price, look, and functionality. Ready to be an entertainment center expert? Read on to discover our top things to consider when choosing an entertainment center. 

First: What’s your type?

When it comes to entertainment centers, you’ve got options. Before getting into specifics, you’ve got to find your type:

Entertainment Centers:

This is the full entertainment center that surrounds and holds the TV, additional entertainment equipment (speakers, DVD/Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles), and includes drawers, cabinets, and shelves for storage and display space. Entertainment centers are impressive focal points because of their size; this can be a benefit if you are looking to use it as the center of attention in the living room. However, the sheer size of an entertainment center may dominate a small room, leaving it feeling cramped. They also tend to be the most expensive choice for housing a TV.

TV Stands:

Simpler in function but found in countless style choices, TV stands work well in a room of almost any size. The idea is simple: a cabinet to place your TV on top of, with shelving or cabinets below for storage. Many TV stands at Pittsburg Interiors feature glass-front cabinets or open shelves, which allows you to display small decor items or easily access entertainment equipment. With TV stands, another option is to mount your TV on the wall, leaving the top of the stand for additional decor space.


What’s your style? 

Once you know the type of unit that will work best in your space and needs, it’s time to consider style. Find an entertainment center that matches your existing décor; if you already have a certain shade or type of wood furniture, complement or match it. Some modern units are made of metal or glass, featuring crisp, clean lines. Traditional units are more often made of wood, sometimes featuring glass cabinet windows. Country or cottage units are a popular choice for a homey, sometimes vintage feel. They often feature lighter wood or a distressed painted finish.  


Know your measurements.

Before purchasing your entertainment center, there are several measurements you will want to know.

First, know your TV. TV measurements are based on the diagonal measurement from corner to corner. Most TV stands or entertainment centers will clearly say the largest size TV they can hold. Also measure the height and width of your TV. This will come in handy to ensure your TV fits comfortably inside the unit, without the TV hanging over the front of the unit or not having enough clearance to fit inside the TV space.

 Popular TV Dimensions 

TV Size Dimensions
(with TV stand)
TV Size Dimensions
(with TV stand)
Most 75” Televisions 66” W x 41” H Most 46” Televisions 41” W x 26.5” H
Most 70” Televisions 63” W x 38.5” H Most 42” Televisions 38” W x 24” H
Most 65” Televisions 58” W x 36” H Most 40” Televisions 36” W x 24” H
Most 60” Televisions 54” W x 34” H Most 37” Televisions 33” W x 25” H
Most 55” Televisions 49” W x 31” H Most 32” Televisions 29” W x 19.5” H
Most 50” Televisions 44” W x 28” H Most 28” Televisions 25.5” W x 17” H


Second, measure your room. Know the floor space you have available, both from wall to wall and from viewer to TV. We suggest that for a 29 inch TV, you should allow for between 3 and 4 feet of open space. A 39 inch TV requires 4 or 5 feet of space, a 46 inch TV needs 5 or 6 feet of space, and anything larger requires between 7 and 8 feet of space.


Armed with this information, you can come to Pittsburg Interiors with your preferred type, style, and necessary measurements ready. Our selection of units will fit almost any specification, and include brands such as Aspenhome, Sunny Designs, and Jofran. We also offer 12-month interest free financing once you’ve selected your perfect unit.


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